Podgodz 102

Recorded 16 April 2014

Topics of the Week

How long does it take for you to turn on auto download or a podcast?

Save it For Show: We will be talking to the host (#82, 85, 89, 90)

Dan Fields




Top 5 – LAX

5) Jordan, Jesse, GO! #321: Wood Work with Mike Schmidt

4) Dune Reads Goosebumps: Deep Trouble Part 1&2

3) Far Out! #220: The Big One

2) Roderick on the Line #106: Nürburgring Confirmation

1)  The 40 Year Old Boy Y6 #51: Hashtags And Bullshit

Top 5 – GIO
5. JJGO 321/Roderick 106
4. WTF Karen Kilgariff/Dune reads Deep Trouble part 2
3. Far Out 220 Maaaaaaarc!
2. After Disaster 231 Zigler’s Tusk/podkward 95/Bret easton ellis BEE with Carolla
1. The 40yr old boy 6×51

Also runners.
Star talk cosmic queries “a stellar sampling” PMC Hayley Joel Osment. MAOMC #28, nerd out loud #36, mike and drew #61, dead authors #33 Rod serling, AD 232 plane stupid and back to work 167 second banana.

TAL update 491 and 522, both good.


Podgodz 101 

Recorded 9 April 2014

Topics of the Week

I am sure that no one actually listens to the show, got nary a comment on the new bairn.

Two podcasts to review

Club Moneydubs: a good enough show, just a stupid name that is never explained and doesn’t seem to suit the tone of the show.

Save it For Show: We will be talking to the host next week. (#82, 85, 89)

A movie to review

Podcast News

None that I can remember.

Top 5 shows of the Week Lax

Top 5

5) Judge John Hodgman: Visitation Rights 

4) Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast 4-7-2014: From Paris

3) Penn’s Sunday School: Look At That! Look At That! It’s Cephalopod Sunday!

2) The Incomparable #189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

1)  The 40 Year Old Boy E50Y6: Dimsuit

GIO Top 5

5. ARIYNBF 266/You made it weird Science Mike

4. Film vault summer preview 2014

3. MAO Mike Carano #27 Mike contemplates calling the cops on guy with downs for driving a car

2. Podkward 94 The Black Face of Voices

1. Far out 219/far out 217-219 in order, dear god why hobble yourself like that, it was so much better 219 aka 217 was the best recording too.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.


Podgodz 100

Recorded 2 April 2014

Topics of the Week

 I have to update y’all about a lot of projects and thank Dr. Gio. – Lax

I need to Die – Dr. GIO

 Podcast News

 None that I can remember.

Up for contention but not making the list this week – Lax

Extra Hot Great #26: Ah, Peanut Butter! We’re in A Jam Now!

Classic Loveline #170 – Little Brother Nate (05/23/1996)

Jordan, Jesse GO! #319 Scam Band with Brian “Sunny D” Fernandes

Podcast Without Pretense #85: The Shortest kiss that made me uncomfortable

Stop Podcasting Yourself #315: Taz VanRassel

 Top 5 – Lax

5) Joe Rogan Experience #473: Jim Jefferies

4) Penn’s Sunday School: Torture, My Body is Low on Fudge

3) The Incomparable #186: Game Show II

2) Roderick on the Line #104: Talisman’s of a Dead Age

1)  Dune Reads Goosebumps: Calling All Creeps parts 1 & 2


Top 5 – GIO

5. Podkward 93 – return of a guest, over 2hrs. Not as much replayability. Guest is good, too focused on his life though./40 year old boy 6×49 dogs in suits and shiiiit.

4. Man school #55 “love and passion with James Ellroy

3. WTF 478 Annabelle Gurewitch #2

2. Dune reads Goosebumps 79 “deep trouble part 1″

1. Nerdist 500 Adam Carolla #4

Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.


Podgodz 99

Recorded 26 March 2014

Topics of the Week

The one where I (Lax) have my foot in a bucket.

iTunes 7.1 IS a substantial improvement, so jump on it.

Podcast News

The Vergecast goes for a break/retooling.

This American Life drops PRI which means nothing to no one except PRI


Support the Superfan


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iTunes – March 11th!

Google Play – March 11th!



Podgodz 95

Recorded 26 February 2014

Topics of the Week: Bit coin for podcasters: colour me a skeptic (surprise, surprise)

Gio is not a dead beat – but he does live under a cloud of chaos. So…the show goes on!



Podgodz 92

Recorded 4 February 2014 

Topics of the Week

A day early and a dollar short…Gio plans a voyage home and to get some free dental work from a fan. Hopefully he isnt one of those unlicensed basement dentists that the Vancouver area has recently been plagued with.

I am also going to complain about the idiots that are Laffster.com that don’t seem to be able to do any right and seem down proud of their mediocrity as they burn through their investors money. Bubble 3.0?



Podgodz 91

Recorded 29 January 2014

Topics of the Week

 I dunno…cats? The fact my entire city is comprised of sushi joints, cheque cashing/payday loan stores and dollar stores?



Podgodz 90

Recorded 22 January 2014

Topics of the Week

 Nerdist angers Gio – it serves him right for even listening.

 The ethics of a millionaire crowd funding his legal defense. – HOW DARE YOU!



Podgodz 87
Recorded 1 January 2014
Topics of the Week
Fuck the holidays and fuck my family members, not all, but many of them.
General talk about the recent holidays and how we survived them.


Podgodz 84

Recorded 18 December 2013

Topics of the Week

What steps are we going to enact to survive the upcoming festive desert of pod.

Ohmygod! How great is Huffduffer.com?



Podgodz 83

Recorded 11 December 2013

Topics of the Week

Podcast News

Is Gio furiously angry at Jesse Thorn (Ep. 303: Hobbit Coffee with Asterios Kokkinos)?

Adam Carolla seems to be happy having Boomer and the Nudge or Weeny and the Butt as his guests recently. No wonder I don’t listen anymore.

Rick and Morty (animate TV show) – from the creative minds of Harmon Town and Grandmas Virginity (Justin Roiland). Just not good.


Sports Podcasts

By guest Pod Critic Josh Perry



Sports Podcasts


Football Today

Hosts: Ross Tucker, Matt Williamson

One is a former player who will remind you he is a Princeton grad, but he is very light-hearted about it.

One is a former college/pro scout who has been with ESPN for most of the past 8 years. If you don’t understand basic concepts of football, you’d enjoy Matt Williamson during the NFL offseason explaining various schemes and player types necessary for the scheme(ie cover 2, 3-4, etc) If you prefer chuckles, Ross Tucker’s days are the best. They do waste an episode each week going over power rankings.



Podgodz 82

Recorded 4 December 2013

Topics of the Week:

In which Lax tries to weasel out of previously agreed to banked show topics

Pardcast uses a company that is reinventing the wheel…and they fail. So lets talk about Laffster.

The Onion AV Club/Podmass did their annual shitty list of the 10 best podcasts, we demolish their opinions and taste.



Podgodz 81

Recorded 27 November 2013

Topics of the Week: I have been shirking my pod duty by watching a grab bag of British TV shows and other wise have been in a situation where I was not able to listen to much pod (actually having to WORK!) – Lax

Podcast News

The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast is back, with a new format. Now seems like more of a general science show.

A new episode of the Tobolowsky Files was released



Podgodz 79

Recorded 13 November 2013

Topics of the Week

I really liked Thor 2, I expect we will talk about Marvel’s upcoming movie roster

When a podcast amps up the douchey tweeting




Podgodz 77

Recorded 30 October 2013

Topics of the Week

None. I have finally had some days off and am feeling much more like a human and less like a killbot. GIO IS IN FULL ON I EAT KILLBOTS MODE then sex em prison style mode, f people.

Christy & Jeremy 

Nerd Out Loud  - Itunes


Most recent episode

Twitter NerdOutLoudPod - https://twitter.com/Kissieyes
Personal Kissieyes/Jermzh - https://twitter.com/Kissieyes


PG 76

Podgodz 76

Recorded 22 October 2013

From the Meth capital of the Inland Empire and the podcast studio of Brandon Batson of Random Podcasts. or How long before I blaspheme?





Topics of the Week

Brandon Questions and whiny Podcasters with zero ability to take blame for their actions and resolve conflict.



Podgodz 75

Recorded 16 October 2013

The LA Podcast Festival is Disorganized and Depraved

Topics of the Week

Gio battles a dinosaur and Lax had another one of those Thanksgivings where food was thrown, a knife pulled, blood drawn, and doors broken. Yes, I already had your Thanksgiving. This year is a bad one. SKIP IT!

 Christmas/New Years banked show plans.



PG 74

Podgodz 74

Recorded 9 October 2013

New recording day: same old shit (but you know…in a good way)

his first deleted comment before the barrage after I corrected him and apologized for bugging himkumpale - How a Child Reacts





Podgodz 70

Topic: SadDude

Recorded 7 August 2013

Slowly slipping into depression, some dude from the Comics Online podcast, and Gio has some news.

Purchase the new Mike Schmidt Comedy Album “The Big Angry”


A Simple Step To Better Pod

This is a very basic guide to better sound on your podcast, if you would like more in depth consultation go here for the Superfan Giovanni Podcast Consultation service.

Do not forget the importance of the Levelator in particular for shows recorded remotely in person or via internet telephony, just export a wav and drag and drop, often times you will not need to do any other work, it defaults to an inferior -1.0db but it is still great.



PG 67

Podgodz 67

Recorded 17 August 2013

Podcast News

Greg Behrendt is a big old hate crime spewing homophobe on the most recent Dana Gould Show and my dipping into bitchy twitter mode delighted Gio. Glass houses bro! Glass houses!



PG 66

Podgodz 66

 Recorded 10 August 2013


Whoop whoop ninja, live from the Gathering of the Juggalos – for the first time Gio and I are in the same state!

Elysium is a bad movie. 2 Guns on the other hand is a very entertaining movie.

We don’t wan’t your fucking winter Olympics! Don’t you dare sign that fucking petition.



PG 63

Podgodz 63

Recorded 13 June 2013
I pretty much hated every ‘comedy’ podcast this week that I would normally love. All kinds of stupid shit being spewed out by people I usually enjoy. I am not just talking about the shit that NAME CENSORED crapped out either. So I spent time watching TV shows (Rectify, The Politician’s Husband, Orange is the New Black)
Pacific Rim was a good movie, but really fucking stupid and clearly not in this universe.
Podcast News
One of my favourite podcasts is coming back, but in a bicoastal format. Extra Hot Great – which is now from the people at previously.tv. Not only that, they plan a dual head record. It really could not get any better.


PG 62

Podgodz 62

Recorded 13 June 2013
Podcast News
We might have killed a podcaster, another one was almost shot in the head, and some podcasts got a last second reprieve 2 seconds before midnight



Podgodz 60

Recorded 29 June 2013


The Jovial Javelin of Positivity and Podcasts. – Everybody Likes Jacki, Facts Son!



Impromptu Topic That Throws Everyone for a Loop Because GIO SUCKS: SuperfanGIO pod stats, Check em, Sprap em, rap a tap tap em.

PODGODZ Statistics

PODGODZ Statistics

MacGyvCast Statistics

MacGyvCast Statistics

GIO Pod Statistics

GIO Pod Statistics

DUNE and GIO Statistics

DUNE and GIO Statistics

GIO promises to give her a normal show finally on her next appearance whenever she wants one, her husband is welcome a million times over as well, good people!




Podgodz 59

Recorded 22 June 2013/23 June 2013 

The Jovialist One!



Topics of the Week

Topic: all your eggs in one phone – or trapped in your rent controlled apartment. The podcast that almost wasnt. GIO – THEN ALMOST WASNT again because of GIO’s lack of reliable internet, “Hey lets make sure grandmas in the middle of the country get better data speeds than the person who needs them most” “hey lets make sure he gets lte at his old apartment less than a half of a mile away but not his new place, can we do that? ok cool.”.

Podstallnacht - yet another week of respite as I thought 3 people talking over 300 podcast feeds might be both a little dull and run a little long. You can thank me later.

Bye Everybody! Had to drive to Mcdonalds with laptop in order to upload files, seriously!?




Podgodz 58 FIXED FILE Sorry, missed a step and bad file only up for 30min.

Recorded 15 June 2013

Topics of the Week

Topic: fuck your job, lax and gio lament idiocy and wasted time – though they never talked about it much, maybe next time.



PG 57

Podgodz 57

 Recorded 7 June 2013

Topics of the Week

 Now You See Me is a stupid movie, DO NOT see it.

 The Venture Brothers is back on air and it’s about fucking time.

 We should probably do a pod inventory but I fear my vital essences have been sapped.




I am Sorry You are Offended

Censorship, Editing and Language in Comedy Podcasting

Podgodz 56

Recorded 1 June 2013

Topics of the Week

 Sarah Beeber and her podcasting dilemma of people that just don’t get it.

Lax has seen a lot of movies recently, and wants to talk about them.






Topics of the Week

 Gio has a new fantastic tale to tell, I got a job offer, had a week of excruciating pain and some people unhappy with one of Gios picks last week while I on the other hand think it is explained by his generally horrible taste in POD.



Podgodz 48

Recorded 6 April 2013

Topic of the Week

We are sorry about the previous show. Wait, what show…isn’t this show 47? And apparently I stole the idea of a PodSherpa style app.

Also, some old stand by shows have really let Lax down this week.




GIO is in his true home once again and happy for a brief moment before reality struck back as it always does for him, Laxdude is surviving the plague and Dune is not drunk, this show is crazy and its short too.



Another no guest and no theme show, free form podcast blabber for the masses.


GIO Top 5

5. fatman on batman 19 Scott Snyder
4. Smodcast 234 My Chemical Bromance
3. Dune Reads Goosebumps The Cuckoo Clock of Doom pt 2
2. You made it weird with Pete Holmes guest Ari Shaffir
1. Adam and Drew Show Ep #001

Lax Top 5

5) The Nerdist #291 Ron Perlman.

Despite not being a fan of Christ and thinking I wasn’t a fan of Ron – added to the fact this was a deeply banked show, it was well before the election, I really liked it. Ron wasn’t the blowhard I was anticipating and it came off as a really good show. I kind of hate how good at doing podcasts Chris is – and wish that Adam gave half a fuck.


4) Megaboom!! Curiosity is Lovin’ It

It is rare for me to like Eliana free episodes, but this was a good one.


3) Risk! (Extra) In My Own Skin

It is very rare for me to like Risk! shows this much, especially extra episodes. It really was the story selection. Take a listen, and if you are a former Loveline listener, you will start yelling at the last story.


2) Penn’s Sunday School: No One’s Looking, let’s fuck.

God damn to I fucking hate their website, it is really like Sandy Ganz set it up and then vomited widgets all over it. This episode, despite not having Goudeu, really seemed like an extended version of his old FreeFM radio show, a show that I was rather fond of. I know Penn is a braying jackass at times and far too one about his fucking atheism, but still a great show.


1) Ask Mr. Biggs! #0031

This is a case of holding on to that feed just in case it might come back. Well just 27 days short of a full year since their last episode I was shocked with I saw one had downloaded. Kiss the baby jesus, give a thumbs up to buddy christ and give the money cat a high five because this is a great podcast and if you don’t listen to it and love it I don’t even want to know you man!






Once again no guest, no topic, just free form Lax and GIO 

Top 5 picks


5. Doug Loves Movies Anna Kendrick, Dana Gould, Illeana Douglas and Brent Weinbach guest

4. Far Out 154 Low Budget Therapy

3. Roderick on the line #57 Unfair

2. Adam Carolla Show David Wild and Jeff Lynne

1. The 40 Year Old Boy Thirty Four Year 5


5. Comedy Bang Bang 188 Judd Apatow and Jessica St. Clair

4. Far Out 154 Low Budget Therapy

3. JJ go 252 Downtown Lady with Jonah Ray and Andy Wood

2. Stop Podcasting Yourself 245 Katie Ellen Humphries

1. The 40 Year Old Boy Thirty Four Year 5



Profanity and Vulgarity in Podcasting 

This episode is themed around the great debate of Clean Vs. Explicit Vs. Whatever it is that Dune and Gio do. Yeah GIO even shocks Dune on this one, sorry folks, don’t play this one in a car with your babies.

Dune makes his triumphant return to Podgodz after the dust up in the aftermath of PG 18, It’s a very special bury the hatchet episode where Lax turns the other cheek and doesn’t bury a hatchet in Dune’s skull, it’s good times. https://twitter.com/dune



Once again a guestless episode, not hostfull as we aren’t fake nerds also because Lax is barely alive from illness and GIO is a thousand miles away wishing he was barely alive, preferably hanging from a tree, Enjoy this episode!



Listener interaction with podcasts is the main topic, the sub topic is about our guest Tardbasket and his insane level of podcast love. Dune shows up to bring out Alcohol Jesus and Pod Satan. Sorry about this one folks, I managed to slice 30min of nonsense and bad GIO out of this episode but still Laxdude is probably disappointed in all of us, in particular me. Baby, I promise, come back to me, it’ll never happen again, please baby, I’ll stop drinking and get my act together, I miss you Lax. Alternate titles for this episode include “Sorry About the Drinking” “Burning Bridges in San Diego” and “How to Break Up a Podcast”







Podcast Vacations and Hiatus, how this show will handle holidays, how other shows do it and what mistakes they make. International superstar recording artist Podcaster and comedian extraordinaire Rucka Rucka Ali is our guest, the man behind the PODGODZ themesong, THE GREAT THEMESONG, GOT IT BRO!?




EDIT: Sorry folks, had to go with the backup recording, GIO put 2hrs into this one, had a perfect almost flawelss sync, he accidentally deleted an aup project folder while editing, exported the file and uploaded it, turns out it was silenece for 2hrs. GIO ran out of hard drive space and lost his sound card, he needs new equipment, check out his amazon list on superfangiovanni.com if you want to help with new gear. This is the episode that proves Rucka’s theme song oh so very right, the man is a prophet who sees us better than we see ourselves it seems.


This Volume covers many topics, another sorry we’re drunk episode, some of us at least, sorry about everything.
Dune aka Alcohol Jesus aka Pod Satan is back, The Pulver is on the show and our other guest Bender, no not the robot. The main theme is Dual Head Recordings



Shows We Bundle

This episode is about the shows that have release issues or format and running time problems that cause us to listen to episodes in groups or wait for a certain amount before listening. The Porcelain Punisher himself Matt Fondiler of Carolla Digital is our guest.



Shows to be dropped and Podcast Apps, This episode covers podcasts Laxdude and I are going to quit or take a break from and our latest podcast app discoveries and results in using them.

Audio is Fixed, GIO was so swamped with crazy people and work nonsense he forgot one step in the process, will not happen again, please download the file one more time if you are so inclined, very sorry, about everything.



This episode covers the mistakes that podcasts and podcasters often make with advice on how to improve them, Lax and GIO give their top five ep’s of the week and discuss the podgodz website as well as various other podcast issues of the moment. We each accept a pod challenge from the listeners, Lax will try The Naked Scientists and I will sample the Bombcast.

PODGODZ 6 – Direct link



Due to a hardware crash we had to go with the backup recording, John our very own lonely teenager joins us for his first chat as our first guest, Laxdude is cheerful despite the lack of a main topic and GIO seems hell bent on digging up past grudges and focusing on the topic of how we accidentally drive away the ones we care for.