G.I.O. Get It On Episode 274

Let Me Down Before I Settle

Kyle M. Terrizzi @kylemterrizzi (formerly known as The Plastic Arts) joins me for his 4th (3rd actually recorded) appearance on the show. World Re-Premier of Classic Loveline Episode #905 from March 18th 1999, yep that one!

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GIO 103 and 117 – will be re-uploaded very soon, maybe.

The Outdoor FAQs Vol. 1

Top Five Gaming Memories

Outdoor FAQs -03d 4000

Giovanni and Cesar explain the premise of the show, get up to speed on some recent gaming news and share their top five memories of video games after giving a recap of their home console histories.

                                Just Beat It

Giovanni                                                                        Cesar


5. 8 Eyes – NES                                                            2. Final Fantasy XIII

4. Sonic 2 – Game Gear/MegaDrive                 1. Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask

3. The Ocarina of Time – N64

2. WindWaker – GC/WiU

1. Monster Manor – 3D0

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G.I.O. Get It On Episode 273

I Guess This is Growing Up

Marc “Carp” Chambers and Tod “Cod” Perry Reunited

My Guests the OG Kings of Podcasting Marc Chambers and Tod Perry join me once again to discuss their latest project The Original Kings of Podcasting.



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Music From GIO 273 provided by:

Pardcast-a-thon 2011

The 3rd annual NNF all-nighter has already raised over $40,000 for Smile Train, and now you can listen to it at a decent hour! For $14.99 you get MP3 audio files and MP4 video files of the entire 12-hour event, which features celebrity appearances by Amy Poehler, Jon Hamm, Andy Richter, Adam Carolla, Lisa Loeb, Walter Koenig and more. Proceeds benefit Smile Train.



G.I.O. Get It On Episode 272


The Episode that was almost lost

The guest Chris Laxamana @chrislaxamana sounds fine, somehow the recording program messed up the levels on my side and it sounds awful, I’ve lowered the volume to listenable levels and cleaned it up.

Resume Podcast

“Chris Laxamana invites special guests to recall the old jobs they had before reaching their current careers. Listen as these guests share stories and advice based on their horrible, embarrassing, or awesome experiences working for ‘The Man.’”

Listen on ChrisLaxamana.com
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GIO 272 Music


G.I.O. Get It On Episode 271

Flash Forward

GIO 264 ‘The Lost Episode” meets GIO 271

First up an intro from when I first moved to Texas from 6 months ago, my voyage home to Seattle with Cesar Rossal @cesarisalive from that same week then an interview with Jake B. a local Chicago Carolla fan and then a new intro with an update and new chat with Carolla fan John McConda @McConda.

Now the lost episode is restored and the archive is somewhat in sync… for now.



Podkward – Facebook

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 270

Summer Jam 1997 and What We Used To Be

This episode is composed of select clips from the June 1997 Classic Loveline with Sugar Ray along with the October 2001 episode with Angelica Bridges, Elisabeth my oldest and greatest friend joins me for her first of what I hope to be many more chats on the show, what a fantastic lady!


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The “Classic Loveline” podcast brings back the radio show that taught us sex and drugs by Colin Marshall @ColinMarshall


Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: G.I.O. Get it On


CLL #440 – Sugar Ray 06/05/1997

CLL #1575 – Angelica Bridges 10/11/2001


ADS #09 – Superfan Giovanni

The Dr. Drew Podcast #37 – Giovanni G.


Superfan Giovanni – Podcast Galactus and Earth’s foremost expert/historian on Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew era Loveline.


G.I.O. Get It On Episode 267

The Coolest Girl in 7th Grade

This very special episode has a brand new interview with my old buddy Xan @Blakelymusic, the body of the show features the first and second appearances of Louis C.K. from the KLSX Adam Carolla Show from Feb. 10th and 22nd 2006, after the interview I included some bonus Loveline calls that felt appropriate due to the subject matter.


Her 3rd Album Al’Kemek Only 7 Days left to help her band fund the production.

If you contribute to the campaign please leave a comment or contact me with the info and the amount and I will add you to my “Dollar Donation Tree” and we can help her get at least another 999 dollars in the next week, lets do this!



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Natural High

by Solburst – 1st Album


by Alexandra Blakely – 2nd Album

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 263

Calling Back with Susan Pinsky

My guest @FirstLadyOfLove makes her G.I.O. podcast debut and we have our first chat ever, on air. It was a blast, so much interesting history and context from the only person we had yet to hear from.

The clips featured in this episode come from Classic Loveline, her first known visit during the Adam era was from 1996, her follow up at the turn of the millennium and the infamous Peta Wilson phoner that gets interrupted by fate or the great magnet it seems along with some random clips of the kids on the show and a few surprises from beyond the Carolla era.


Calling Out with Susan Pinsky

Calling Out: Radio Genius Phil Hendrie w/ co-host Simone Bienne and sidekick Dr. Drew

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Classic Loveline #99 – Susan Pinsky 02/14/1996 – Full Episode

Classic Loveline #1110 – Susan Pinsky 12/30/1999Full Episode

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 262

What You Missed at 6am Again

A brand new interview with @Waterboxer and instead of clips this episode features the 2006-05-08 ACS Morning Show podcast from KLSX.

Check Out G.I.O. Episode #53 for Joe Rogan on Classic Loveline


G.I.O. Get It On Episode 261

Bald, Brilliant and Beautiful Volume 1

Bald Bryan Bishop joins me for his first chat, we discuss a multitude of topics that go super in depth regarding his on air history with Adam Carolla. When he returns for Part 2 we will go in depth on the KLSX days, the not so mysterious case of his deleted drops and that one time a drunk Tom Leykis tried to troll him on twitter.


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 The Film Vault

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Music by – Daniel Jordan

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 260

One Of The Good Ones with Emilio Rossal

This episode marks a return to the winning formula, just to show the kiddies how its done, Emilio Rossal the cohost of the hit comedy podcast Podkward and soon to exist and also be a hit Central PerkCast joins me for his 1st and probably only solo chat, so enjoy it. Instead of remixing the Harold and Kumar Loveline episodes, Emilio would prefer the classic Norm MacDonald ACS visits covered previously in GIO 77. emilio

http://instagram.com/p/o9k4FZAfuq/ – Dragon Punch

https://twitter.com/EmilioRossal – Easily in the top 10 all time funniest Twitter accounts

PODKWARD – Emilio and Cesar fight ninjas, do drugs, play Starfox (yikes!) and eat Jewish Babies.

CentralPerkCast – Coming Soon!


Music Used:

Riff Raff “NEON ICON

Young Jeezy “The Inspiration

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 258

At Best There Are Less than Eighteen Thousand Days Left On Earth For GIO

Hell Yeah Delta Fu Volume II: Hell Oui

This episode features the 2007 DFG vs. Danny Bonaduce from the 2007 KLSX ACS, Tyler Kahl (Kale!) joins me for his 2nd chat.


http://doppspot.tumblr.com/ – Doppleganger Spot, where Tyler shows you why he is Lord of the Dopp Spotters



http://instagram.com/tylerkahl – Make His Life Complete, Follow him on Instagram and Tell him hes Pretty


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http://www.theandyderershow.com/ – He Podcasts with Andy!



G.I.O. Get It On Episode 257

Born on the banks of the Ohio 

This episode features guest Jeremy Remy Balon @RemyBalon, the producer, moderator and 3rd host of The Adventures of Danny and Mike podcast featuring Danny and Mike from Pete and Pete, he is also a musician, sketch comedian, prop master and all around film production kingpin. 

JB Dear Hunt



hn_cover HNEP_3_MD rb_cover

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G.I.O. Get It On Episode 256

Truncating the Silence of Life with Tod Perry

@TodAPerry of the Farout podcast joins me for his 5th or 6th or possibly 7th chat on this show, who knows anymore man. The Loveline used is the 1998/09/15 Alicia Witt episode due to its topical nature and her recent guest appearance on the Adam Carolla Show.






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G.I.O. Get It On Episode 255

DUNE Messiah 

My bestiest Pal Dune returns for only our 3rd or 4th chat on this show, we discuss the perils of a migraine lifestyle and why you shouldnt send depressing texts to caring friends.

Kathleen and Kelsi Tape 24.


Support ME So I don’t have to eat my dog! – Dune






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G.I.O. Get It On Episode 253

Steers The Whole Ship

This volume is another Kathleen and Kelsi Tape, number 22 and Great Magnet Bless those gals and their families too. Tyler Kahl (pronounced Kale) is making his GIO debut.


http://doppspot.tumblr.com/ – Doppleganger Spot, where Tyler shows you why he is Lord of the Dopp Spotters



http://instagram.com/tylerkahl – Make His Life Complete, Follow him on Instagram and Tell him hes Pretty


https://twitter.com/tylerkahl – Follow Him on Twitter

http://www.theandyderershow.com/ – He Podcasts with Andy!


G.I.O. Get It On Episode 252

Failures in Sadcasting

I tried to record an intro for this one 3 times, I had to record 14 CLL intros this week, so I just had nothing left, apologies to my guest Bridgette, she was great and will be on again soon for an as of yet unrecorded part 2. The body of the show is Kelsi Tape 21, sorry about tape 18 on episode on 249, I will transfer a new version soon.

Music by Daniel Jordan





“Airplane Crash” off of the Album “The Stranger”


G.I.O. Get It On Episode 240

Our Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Adam Carolla joins me for our 4th chat on this program, my 10th interview of him not counting my old KLSX phoners, 5 ACS visits, 1 Adam and Drew and 4 GIOs.

We Have Kelsi Tape Number 9 as the Show body.


G.I.O. – Carolla Interview #1 

Episode #40 Why is there Hummus on my Nachos

G.I.O. – Carolla Interview #2

Episode #100 Going for a Jack Not the After Dinner Kind

G.I.O. – Carolla Interview #3

Episode #200 I Don’t Even Hug My Own Mom

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 200

GIO 200

I Don’t Even Hug My Own Mom

Here it is gang, perhaps the longest waitiest episode in the history of the show. Adam Carolla and GIO one on one, their 8th recorded interview/chat and 3rd done for this show. Episodes 40 and 100 feature the first two parts of this neverending conversation between GIO and the Funniest Man To Ever Exist, You’re My God Dude! Once again as fresh off the presses as they come, recorded, processed and ready for download in less than 2hrs soup to nuts.https://twitter.com/AdamCarolla



G.I.O. Get It On Episode 187 Dr. Drew

GIO 187

A Very Special Episode Volume 5 DR DREW

Once again, much like episodes 17, 40, 54 and 100, this volume is sans the normal clips and simply a conversation. I messed up a setting on my end, Drew sounds killer for a cell phone commute call, I sound better than certain people on certain podcasts I pay 10 bucks a month for but not up to the usual standard, deal with it peeps, Drew is awesome! https://twitter.com/drdrew





G.I.O. Get It On Episode 181

Hell Yeah Delta Fu Volume 1

This volume covers Josh Gardners earliest visits to the ACS, out of character and then in character, we’re sticking with mostly 2006 even though 2007 is where the DFG became the voice of the listeners 10 fold and stuck it to the red menace in a way none of us were allowed to do, Josh joins me for a very special chat too! https://twitter.com/DeafFratGuy



http://www.facebook.com/deaffratguy – Like him on FB

http://deaffratguy.com/ – Join Delta Fu and buy some merch!


Amazon MP3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waMLK9rHYpg – Gerhard Reinke’s Wanderlust

See Josh open for Norm MacDonald this Fall


– Comedy ConnectionEast Providence, RI – 09/20/2012

– Wilbur TheatreBoston, MA – 09/21/2012

– Hu Ke LauChicopee, MA – 09/22/2012

– Queen Elizabeth TheatreToronto, ON – 10/19/2012

– Zanies RosemontROSEMONT, IL – 12/07 & 12/08/2012

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 99

GIO Episode 99

GIO Episode 99 TGIF Volume II Boy Meets Adam

This episode is composed of the 1998 Rider Strong LL and the 1999 Ben Savage episode, they were chosen because Boy Meets World was one of the highlights of the 90s TGIF lineup and one of the few programs Adam and Lynette watched together each week. Lynette Carolla joins me for her 2nd chat. http://twitter.com/#!/lynettecarolla



G.I.O. Remix

The Ass Show Volume 1 Remix My ASSterpiece Reborn

Here is an updated version of what I consider to be the funniest series of edits yet done on this show, I recently discovered a shockingly low number of listeners have even heard this episode, so I’m updating it and shoving it in your face again, so make sure to actually download it this time.

I still have not located the infamous carpet shart story for volume 2, this was originally episode 7, so if you would like to hear the intact version and the older interview with Tod Perry from when he just launched the Far Out Podcast, that ep is for you, I hope to locate the story for volume 2 before episode 100.

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 17

Episode #17 A very Special Episode

This is a very special episode of GIO, I got the one and only Liberace of the potentiometers Engineer Anderson for an almost hour long chat, he was awesome and I think LL and TFV fans will really enjoy this. There are no wraparounds nor clips in this ep, for various reasons and I didn’t record the intro or outro because the interview really works on it’s own.





http://thefilmvault.net/ – Classic TFV