Podgodz 102

Recorded 16 April 2014

Topics of the Week

How long does it take for you to turn on auto download or a podcast?

Save it For Show: We will be talking to the host (#82, 85, 89, 90)

Dan Fields




Top 5 – LAX

5) Jordan, Jesse, GO! #321: Wood Work with Mike Schmidt

4) Dune Reads Goosebumps: Deep Trouble Part 1&2

3) Far Out! #220: The Big One

2) Roderick on the Line #106: Nürburgring Confirmation

1)  The 40 Year Old Boy Y6 #51: Hashtags And Bullshit

Top 5 – GIO
5. JJGO 321/Roderick 106
4. WTF Karen Kilgariff/Dune reads Deep Trouble part 2
3. Far Out 220 Maaaaaaarc!
2. After Disaster 231 Zigler’s Tusk/podkward 95/Bret easton ellis BEE with Carolla
1. The 40yr old boy 6×51

Also runners.
Star talk cosmic queries “a stellar sampling” PMC Hayley Joel Osment. MAOMC #28, nerd out loud #36, mike and drew #61, dead authors #33 Rod serling, AD 232 plane stupid and back to work 167 second banana.

TAL update 491 and 522, both good.


Podgodz 101 

Recorded 9 April 2014

Topics of the Week

I am sure that no one actually listens to the show, got nary a comment on the new bairn.

Two podcasts to review

Club Moneydubs: a good enough show, just a stupid name that is never explained and doesn’t seem to suit the tone of the show.

Save it For Show: We will be talking to the host next week. (#82, 85, 89)

A movie to review

Podcast News

None that I can remember.

Top 5 shows of the Week Lax

Top 5

5) Judge John Hodgman: Visitation Rights 

4) Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast 4-7-2014: From Paris

3) Penn’s Sunday School: Look At That! Look At That! It’s Cephalopod Sunday!

2) The Incomparable #189: Using Computers to Impress Girls

1)  The 40 Year Old Boy E50Y6: Dimsuit

GIO Top 5

5. ARIYNBF 266/You made it weird Science Mike

4. Film vault summer preview 2014

3. MAO Mike Carano #27 Mike contemplates calling the cops on guy with downs for driving a car

2. Podkward 94 The Black Face of Voices

1. Far out 219/far out 217-219 in order, dear god why hobble yourself like that, it was so much better 219 aka 217 was the best recording too.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

MacGyvCast 30


Season 2, Episode 7 – 17 Nov. 1986

Two rare golden eagles facing extinction are helped by MacGyver. He must simultaneously confront the poacher trying to kill the eagles and eliminate MacGyver.


Podgodz 100

Recorded 2 April 2014

Topics of the Week

 I have to update y’all about a lot of projects and thank Dr. Gio. – Lax

I need to Die – Dr. GIO

 Podcast News

 None that I can remember.

Up for contention but not making the list this week – Lax

Extra Hot Great #26: Ah, Peanut Butter! We’re in A Jam Now!

Classic Loveline #170 – Little Brother Nate (05/23/1996)

Jordan, Jesse GO! #319 Scam Band with Brian “Sunny D” Fernandes

Podcast Without Pretense #85: The Shortest kiss that made me uncomfortable

Stop Podcasting Yourself #315: Taz VanRassel

 Top 5 – Lax

5) Joe Rogan Experience #473: Jim Jefferies

4) Penn’s Sunday School: Torture, My Body is Low on Fudge

3) The Incomparable #186: Game Show II

2) Roderick on the Line #104: Talisman’s of a Dead Age

1)  Dune Reads Goosebumps: Calling All Creeps parts 1 & 2


Top 5 – GIO

5. Podkward 93 – return of a guest, over 2hrs. Not as much replayability. Guest is good, too focused on his life though./40 year old boy 6×49 dogs in suits and shiiiit.

4. Man school #55 “love and passion with James Ellroy

3. WTF 478 Annabelle Gurewitch #2

2. Dune reads Goosebumps 79 “deep trouble part 1″

1. Nerdist 500 Adam Carolla #4

Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show.

You can reach us @podgodz, podgodz@gmail.com and  on Facebook – that is podgodz with a Zed.

Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

MacGyvCast 29

“The Road Not Taken”

Season 2, Episode 7 – 10 Nov. 1986

A nun and some orphans are in need of rescuing by MacGyver from murderous soldiers in Southeast Asia. It turns out that the nun’s assistant is an old girlfriend of MacGyver’s.

G.I.O. Get It On Episode 253

Steers The Whole Ship

This volume is another Kathleen and Kelsi Tape, number 22 and Great Magnet Bless those gals and their families too. Tyler Kahl (pronounced Kale) is making his GIO debut.


http://doppspot.tumblr.com/ - Doppleganger Spot, where Tyler shows you why he is Lord of the Dopp Spotters



http://instagram.com/tylerkahl - Make His Life Complete, Follow him on Instagram and Tell him hes Pretty


https://twitter.com/tylerkahl - Follow Him on Twitter

http://www.theandyderershow.com/ - He Podcasts with Andy!



Podgodz 99

Recorded 26 March 2014

Topics of the Week

The one where I (Lax) have my foot in a bucket.

iTunes 7.1 IS a substantial improvement, so jump on it.

Podcast News

The Vergecast goes for a break/retooling.

This American Life drops PRI which means nothing to no one except PRI


MacGyvCast 28

“Jack of Lies” Season 2, Episode 6

MacGyver’s friend, Jack Dalton, tricks him into going to Central America to rescue a botanist, but it turns out to be an old friend of theirs. November 3, 1986