Podgodz 123

Labor Day

Recorded 22 September 2014

Gio is now a Republican and for a change Lax is the one who ended up in hospital.

Have been too busy to pod, had a lot of mercy-culls since I was maybe listening to 10 hours per week over the last couple of weeks,

New iPhones.

Things are changing for me at work, not for the better enjoyment of pod

MacGyvCast 47

MacGyverSeason 3, Episode 3

Back from the Dead (5 Oct. 1987)

“Jimmy ‘The Eraser’ Kendall, a man MacGyver helped put into the witness protection program, has been spotted by he mob. They’ve kidnapped his daughter and grandson, and they want Jimmy back, or else.”

MacGyvCast 46

MacGyverSeason 3, Episode 2

Lost Love: Part 2 (28 Sep. 1987)

“Jack Dalton helps MacGyver to steal back the jade dragon statue in order to free his former lover being held captive. However, it turns out she may be working with the Russians.”

Full Episode


Podgodz 121

Recorded 25 August 2014

 TOPICS: Will Doug Loves Movies survive the end of the Lenard Maltin movie book?

I am trying out Doctor Who again…yeah, just waist for a “Fuckity do!” that I will never get.

Something was settled that we can’t talk about. Apparently pussing out was for the best?

Leo Laporte decries Podcast One’s race to the bottom approach.

SHOW update: what are we to do in the coming weeks


Top 5 shows of the Week – Lax

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

The 40 Year Old Boy #17 Y7: I Keep A Classy Throat


Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Film Pigs Podcast #57: Second-Tier Comic Book Movies

The Talk Show with John Gruber #92: That New Laptop Smell


Top 5

5) Dune Reads Goosebumps: Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns Parts 1 & 2

4) Podkward #114: Soulless Robot with Superfan Gio

3) Eureka Podcast #74: Corduroy Thighs

2) Roderick on the Line #120: The Frog Leg King & #121: Homeland Freedom Station.

1) No Agenda #646: 2014-08-24 Boundless Barbarity


 GIO Top 5

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

MacGyvCast 45

MacGyverSeason 3, Episode 1

Lost Love: Part 1 (21 Sep. 1987)

“Soviet agents use a former lover of MacGyver’s, who he thought to be dead, as a pawn to steal a valuable Chinese jade dragon statue.”

Full Episode


Podgodz 120

Recorded 18 August 2014

I suppose I am some sort of an unfeeling monster. Dune has decided to start fucking with me again. The Tobolowsky Files returns, episode 66. Oh, and podcasting is 10 years old. Happy birthday podcast! – Lax (more…)

MacGyvCast 44

MacGyverSeason 2, Episode 22

For Love or Money 4 May 1987

“MacGyver and a female agent he despises pose as a married couple to infiltrate a psychiatric hospital in Czechoslovakia to free a human rights activist.”